Eight O'clock A.M. found me at the rally headquarters for "Ride for Sight, a charity event put on by the riders  of Olds Canada.  Breakfast for $5.00 was economical and good.  The fee for entering the Vendor's Exhibit was $50.00--these guys are serious about supporting their charity. 

Last night I met Mike "Iron Butt" Bergeron, who rides an imaculate 1978 BMW Airhead.  This morning he met me at the "ride headquarters" and we spent an hour or so talking motorcycles.  10:00 and I was at Champion Cycles and Dave was  already open.  He was confident he could figure out the complexity of changing the oil filter on the Goose and  so he  did.  At least he and his mechanic, a young student, figured it out.  By 11:30, the Goose was in top shape and we toured Olds and relunctantly departed for Edmonton. 

I have learned to dislike large cities and I particularly dislike traffic jams.   Arriiving in Edmonton  I found myself once again in a long traffic jam.  Barely moving, often not moviing, it took almost two hours to go ten miles.  Finally I made it to Highway 16 and I am now 190 miles NW of Edmonton, in the small town of Valleyview. 

While this part of Canada is nice, it is flat with straight roads and with little to see.  I am told that will change when I reach Dawson Creek, the beginning of the Alaska Hightway. Built during WW II, this was the beginning  of the Pan Amerriican Highway.  595 miles further up the Alaska Highway, we will enter the Yukon.  I am excited to see this part of the country. And then another 750 miles and the Goose will cross into Alaska.  How long will this take?   I am not sure.  There will be much to see.  I suspect five days.

Tonight I am in a motel.  Campgrounds  through here seem to be designed for RVs and are not conducive to tent camping.  Hopefully that will change now that I am leaving the hustle of city life.  As I type this, it is 10:30 P.M. and it is still daylight outside.  A native here just told me that yesterday was the longest day of the year here.  It did not get dark until almost midnight and was light by 5:00 A.M.  That give me a lot of time to ride.