Crossing into Canada this morning went smoothly.  The Canadian Border official, George, was friendly and processed me through in about three minutes with only four questions and a look at my passport.  Central America should take some lessons from Canada.

At the border, I met two great Canadian folks, Andrew and Roxie Smith.  They were returning from a quick trip into the U.S.  The nicest people, they invited me to their home for coffee and of course I accepted.  Andrew and Roxie own and manage a large and beautiful farm only one mile out of the nice town of Milk River.  Upon arrival, they invited me in and Roxie proceeded to  make a large pot of great coffee.  On top of that she also baked chocolate and peanut butter cookies.  I almost just stayed there, they were so nice and the cookies were so good.  Their house and farm are beautiful.  I was most impressed with the beauty and condition of the farm and all of the equipment.  It is apparent that they have put much work into it.

And some way Andrew and I discoverd that we are both readers, plus we both have the same favorite writer, Cormac McCarthy!  What a coincidence.

Departing their house at 11:30 A.M., I made my way to Calgary, where I planned to stop at the BMW Dealer to get an oil change but I found myself in the largest traffic jam that  I have encountered since Lima, Peru.  Two hours later I had finally passed through Calgary and was afraid to get off of the highway since the traffic jam seemed to be all around me.

Tonight I am in the small town of Olds, Alberta, Canada.  A small cycle shop, Champion Cycles has agreed to change the oil in the Goose the first thing in the morning.  When I asked the owner what time "first thing in the morning" meant he said 10:30 A.M.  Obviously he never worked with Andrew on a farm. 

I think I am three hours south of Edmonton and tomorrow there is a "Ride for Sight" taking place here.  This small town is full of cyclists, mostly Harley riders.  I may stay here for much of tomorrow.  What the heck, I am making too good of travel time anyway.