A great ride of four hundred thirty five miles of beautiful country and great weather finds me in Conrad, MT, only 60 miles south of the border. I seem to fall in love with every place I visit, but Montana is fabulous. However, I felt the same way about northern Wyoming. This morning I rode around in Sheridan, WY, a city of 15,612. What a great city!

Today's ride was mostly on back roads, MT 3 and MT 87, both hilly, winding and well maintained. To my west was a range of mountains, all snow covered. And the ranches, beautiful, green with large herds of cattle. I am convinced that there are more head of cattle in Montana than there are people.

As I gazed at the ranch houses in the distance, I fully expected to see John Wayne or Lorne Greene amble out to the porch in full gear. I suspect this country breeds that type of people. No wimps here!

The sky was clear all day. The temperature actually got warmer the further north I rode. The Goose is still running good but I think my GPS died today. What the heck, if I can travel South America with just a compass, I can surely find the Arctic Circle and Prudhoe Bay with the same compass and a map.

I plan to cross the border by 9:00 A.M. Friday and should be in Calgary by mid to later afternoon.  I will be in Alaska in less than a week.