Mid forties and light rain. That describes my ride today, however I was in beautiful and vibrant country. Leaving Denver at 7:00 A.M. I rode 433 miles despite stopping often because of the weather and once because I again had bad fuel. Interestingly, I covered over 20,000 miles earlier this year in Mexico, Central and South American and never once had bad fuel problems. But after returning to the States, I have encountered bad fuel twice. No big problem. Draining the bad fuel, filling up with new, premium, fuel and the Goose is purring like a BMW.

Shortly after entering Wyoming, I passed several herds of buffalo and one time I saw a small herd of wild animals, antelope, I believe. The countryside is magnificent, rolling steep hills, winding roads and numerous beautiful lakes. The ranch houses are sturdy but very attactive. Actually this countryside looks like a scene from a movie.

Note to President Obama: Please send stimulus money to Wyoming so they can resurface I-25 north of Kaycee to it's end just south of Sheridan. Cold, icy winters have destroyed much of the road and resurfacing is needed. It will be good use of the stimulus dollars.

Tomorrow I plan to travel north to Great Falls, MT, which is only about 100 miles south of Canada. Checking the weather, I see that it is going to be much warmer in Great Falls than it is here. Maybe I can avoid the rain.