Three hundred thirty miles today and I was in Imperatriz, Brazil.  The banner over the road as I entered the city said (in Portuguese) "Welcome to Imperatriz the Portal of Amazona". Imperatriz is a middle sized city, wiith a nice hotel.  Expensive, at US$49, but nice. 

Belem, my immediate destination, is 410 miles away and I hope to be there by 5:00 P.M. tomorrow.  Darkness is coming much sooner and tonight it was dark by 6:30 P.M.  I do not like to ride at night but would be in fear to get caught on the road at night in the Amazon.

The roads were strange today.  Good for fifty miles and then terrible for another thirty to fifty miles.  One time it was dirt for about five miles.  Potholes, not the size of a modest bathtub but more the size of a Jacuzzi tub.  The trucks were all over the road trying to miss the biggest potholes.  There was no order.

Gasoline remains plentiful.  The postos (filling stations) are forty or fifty miles apart.  I tend to fill up every 100 miles or so.  I am determined to not run out of gas here in the Amazon.  The Goose continues to perform flawlessly. 

The weather is the same everyday. Nice in the morning, rain at noon or slightly later, then hot and humid in the afternoon.  It usually comes a torrential rain during the night. 

Every time I stop for gasoline the bike, a BMW R100GSPD is surrounded by men, young and old.  They all ask questions, but I can rarely understand.  Speaking of the people, in the south of Brazil the people obviously were of European descent.  However, now I am noticing many of Indigenious descent.

And the cars continue to interest me.  The old Volkswagen bus was a favorite of mine and you see them everywhere here.  In  fact, I am certain that Brazil still manufactures them.  Today I saw a truck hauling several new VW busses.  And the old VW Camper.  They are here in great shape.

Tomorrow, Belem and the challenges that will  present.  For some reason, the city fills me with apprehension (that is my euphenism for fear).