I enjoyed my stay in Cerres, Brazil and really liked the Hotel Don Antonio.  Up early this morning to partake of the breakfast and I was on the road by 8:00 A.M.  Today´s ride was actually somewhat boring.  Hot, with a couple of brief rain showers.  Trucks everywhere, belching thick black diesel smoke.  The road has deteriorated but still is O.K.  The Beemer is running superbly.

I quickly noticed that the towns were getting fewer and fewer and then it seemed that all I would see was an occasional small village.  No more nice truckstops, just small greasy petro stations, but at least I can buy gas.  The price is getting higher as I get further from the large cities.

The countryside is becoming more dense, what I suppose could be described as tropical forests.  It is obvious that Amazona is getting closer.  Late this evening I suddenly realized that I had no idea if there was another town ahead of me.  Apprehension set in.  I simply did not want to have to stop for the night in this dense foliage.  About 100 KMs and I came upon the small village of Miranorte and suddenly saw Martin´s Hotel.

Stopping and entering, I discovered a nice, small simple hotel.  Very clean with delightful folks!.  I am in for the night.  The owner actually invited me to go with him later for comida, but I cannot even think about eating anymore beef tonight.  I am staying in and hoping for a good nights sleep.

I think I am within 1200 KMs (730  miles) of Belem, but I am not sure.  Probably two days ride, maybe three if the weather does not cooperate.  Then I must navigate the large port city of Belem with upwards of two million people and find a boat willing to transport me and the Goose to Manaus.