No direct roads!  Just a road from one city to the next, seldom in the same direction.  I have a couple of  maps but they are of little help.  For navigation purposes, I am using my compass.

Of all the errors I made in preperation for this trip, the biggest was not learning Spanish.  But that would not help me here in Brazil.  However, my second biggest mistake was not buying a Garmin Zumo GPS and making certain it was loaded with Smelly Bikerīs map of Brazil.  However, I did have the good judgement to buy a Wayfarer Electronic Compass and that is what I am using to navigate.  It works, although I am only averaging 300 miles per day the past three days.

Last night I stopped for the evening early, checking into a nice hotel in Passo Fundo, Brazil.  A quite Sunday evening with a long walk through the pleasant city.  Today, I rode through beautiful low mountains and curvy roads, filled with large full rivers and several lakes.  The countryside for much of the day was absolutely beautiful.  At about 4:00 P.M. it clouded and suddently the Goose and I were in a torrential rain.  However, within thirty minutes we were out of the rain and soon stopped for the  night in the city of Punta Grossa, Brazil.

I am in a decent hotel, but expensive for what it offers.  While I love Brazil, I am not thrilled with this city.  it is "gritty", with itīs share of mangy dogs roaming the atreets.  In fact, I took a short walk and did not fill at all safe.  Unless the weather is terrible tomorrow, I will depart early moving north.  I will be riding up the middle of Brazil, about 100 miles west of Brazilia.  My goal is to get to Belem within ten days and find the best river boat for my trip up the Amazon.

The Goose?  Running strong and no leaks.  I think Javier and Ken worked the right magic.