The Brazilean Embassy, located in the commercial area of Buenos Aires, issued my visa right on time today and I was in and out of the embassy within one hour.  Great service, with a smile.

Yesterday I visited the Venezuelan Embassy to see if I could enter Venezuela without a visa, in the event I suddenly showed up unexpectedly at their Amozonan border crossing ot Santa Eleana.  The folks there were extremely friendly and helpful, even giving me a map with suggested hotels.

Both the Embassies of Brazil and Venezuela were in commercial buildings, nice without being ostentatious and without any sign of armed soldiers.

Today I had to visit the United States Embassy simply to get pages added to my passport.  I was appalled.  An armed and highly fenced fortress, the size of a small college campus, occupying some of the most expensive real estate in Argentina.  I arrived at 12:15 P.M. and it was not until 3:30 P.M. that I even was allowed to talk with a clerk.  Then it took another 90 minutes to get several pages stapled into my passport.  Here is hoping that I never have to visit a U.S. Embassy again.

Oil Leaks!  Yes,  I have one.  After one week with no sign of an oil leak, this morning there was a small pool of oil under my engine.  So, now I have an appointment tomorrow with Dakar Motos, to have Javier check my problem.  I will not know until he surveys the problems what to expect in repair time.  I had hoped to leave for Uruguay in the morning but it is not to be.

My plans at this time are to ride into Uruguay, when my bike is repaired, then on into Brazil, ultimately reaching Belem.  It is at that point where I will have to find a river boat to transport me and the Goose down the Amazon.  The trip is about five days in duration, on a highly packed boat.  I will be sleeping on deck, cramped in with scores, maybe hundreds, of other passengers.  Sleep, if it comes, will be in a hammock.

Today, I bought anti malaria pills and tomorrow I want to get a yellow fever innoculation.  I should have thought of that before I departed Texas.