Friday morning Frank Navarro, a Tico friend, arrived in Ft. Stockton to have breakfast with us.  While he and Ricardo are old friends, it was my first time to actually meet him.  I have talked with him many times by phone, but at 7:30AM there he was at our motel door in Ft. Stockton.

My BMW F700GS was on the trailer ready to be pulled back to the Bay.  By 6:00 PM Larry and I were home.  And Ron and Ricardo rode off down TX Hwy 385, about a hundred miles south, past rolling hills, beautiful desert and finally into the mountains of Big Bend.  A ride up the mountains to the Basin and they were in the midst of  the wild beauty that I love.  And Chuck?  I was sitting with a “clipped left wing” wishing I was with them.

Friday afternoon they checked into the rustic Chisos Mining Company motel and were off to the ghost town of Terlingua.  Saturday morning, ready to ride the park, Ron stepped out of his room into the mid forties degree mountain air.  So on the bikes, and they headed off down TX Hwy 170 past that abomination called Lajitas.

A short stop and they were off down River Road, the most beautiful mountain ride in Texas.  A day of cool, and occasionally rainy  weather stayed with them.  Presidio, Shaftner, Marfa and Alpine was their playpen for the day.  Back in Terlingua for the night, they decided it was a bit too chilly for them, so Sunday they will begin their ride to the Bay.

And Chuck?  I am sitting here trying to decide if I can be back on my bike by the end of May.  The road is calling, and at my age I can’t waste time sitting here.