up early to beat the heat, we were on our bikes riding west by 7:00 AM.  Past the beautiful International, Presa Amistad on into Comstock.  Soon we were at the Border Patrol Inspection Station, where they were going to make Ricardo show his passport.  When he told him he was from Costa Rica, all they wanted to was shake his Hand.  By 900 AM, we were at at the Pecos River Gorge Bridge.  

Over 1350 feet long, and resting 300 feet above the water, this is the highest highway bridge in Texas. Majestic, over a beautiful canyon, this always is a photo opportunity.  Please chec “Pictures” on this blog to see Ron and Ricardo enjoying the views.

Finally departing, we were in Sanderson by 10:00 AM, stopping at the main restaurant and department store in Sanderson, Stripes.  We then decided to make a run north up Hwy 285 to Ft.  Stockton Why?  Simple.  Someway I managed to fall and Ron insisted I see a doctor.  And I am glad he insisted.  After a 165 mile motorcycle ride my shoulder was hurting.  And why not.  Ten x rays confirmed I have a broken collarbone.  The doctor strongly urged me to ride no further so the fracture can properly heal.   Being a weakling for pain, I am taking his advice.

Ron and Ricardo are continuing their adventure, but they have decided to ride Big Bend,  The River Road To Presidio and probably Marfa.  Larry Farrah my friend, and neighbor, is bringing a trailer out tomorrow to haul me and the bike back to the Bay.xrays 

We are now in a LaQuinta in Ft Stockton and Ron and Ricardo are off to Domino’s for a Pizza.
Tomorrow they will ride off on their replanned adventure.