All did not go as planned, but I was back on the Bay by 1:00 PM.  The ride from San Antonio was routine except someplace along the way my BMW Motorrad Navigator VI  flew out of the cradle onto the highway.  As soon as I realized what had occurred I stopped and Ricardo turned around, went back about six miles and found  the $989 Navigator lying right in the middle of the very busy highway.  And it had not even been run over!  And it works fine!

Our  travels took us through three states, with a brief visit to Mexico.  Five thousand kilometers through high winds, high temperatures, occasionally cool temperatures and at least three days of rain.   We road through Texas hill country, two deserts and the beautiful high mountains of New Mexico and Colorado.  Along the way we spent three days at the 2018 Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally.

Ricardo and Patricia enjoyed every day, even the rainy days.  We are off now safely at home.  Over the next three days we have maintenance to perform on the bikes and I really must get my 2017 BMW F700GS to the dealer to have the overheating problem corrected.

This is my final posting for “The Road To Taos, 2018”.