This morning San Angelo was shrouded in fog as thick as split pea soup.  So what did Ricardo and Patricia do?  They followed me and I immediately took off the wrong way.  It really was not my fault, I could not see where I was going.  The first thirty miles was terrible. We stopped twice because we simply could not see to proceed.

Then by 10:00 the skies cleared and we had a beautiful 380 kilometer ride across the Texas Hill Country.  Twisting and hilly roads, amongst pine and juniper trees.  By 1:15 PM we were in San Antonio, checking into our LaQuinta Inn.  The afternoon was spent exploring the Alamo and then visiting the Riverwalk.  I took several photographs which I have posted.

I left the Riverwalk about six to leave Patricia and Ricardo to explore without me holding them back. After all, if you think I ride badly, you should see me walk.

Tomorrow we head for the Bay.  A quick 350 kilometer ride that I do often.  If all goes as planned we should be home on Baffin Bay in time for lunch.