Running briskly down the mountain from Ruidosa to Roswell, the air was cool and the mountains both beautiful and green.  Riding into Roswell, Ricardo was on the lookout for a UFO but I don’t think he actually saw one.

The trail from Roswell to Plains Texas is barren, dusty and somewhat impoverished looking.  But suddenly crossing into Texas, pump jacks seemed to be everywhere and the smell of sweet crude was in the air.  The smell of $1000 bills is striking.  We were in the midst of the Permian Oil Basin, perhaps the most productive oil fields south of Deadhorse {Prodhoe Bay}.  It is amazing the difference in commercial activity here in Texas compared to New Mexico.

Monday we will be in San Antonio.  We will first visit the Alamo.  Then having properly saluted the brave men who fought and died there, we will be off to the Riverwalk.  Dinner on the banks of the San Antonio River and maybe a boat tour.  

We have now traveled over 4000 kilometers and the bikes have run well, except for a persistent overheating problem in my ride.  I finally discovered it is only overheating in “stop and go” city traffic, so I surmise the fan, while running, is not running strongly.  I guess a trip to a dealer in the next couple weeks is in order.