Ricardo and Patricia seem to be enjoying this event.  Both are actively shopping among the vendors and this morning they participated in the Rally Parade with the flag of Costa Rica perched high above their Yamaha, using a broomstick as a flagpole.  

Last evening we had dinner at the Rocking J Ranch, a chuckwagon style dinner in a picturesque old west dinner theater, featuring western singing, banjos and yodeling...right up Ricardo’s alley.
Tonight Ricardo and Patricia will attend a show at the Ruidosa Downs Casino, “Led Zeppelin ll”.
As for me, I probably will stay in and read a book.

If you are waiting for me to say something good about the actual rally, don’t!

Tomorrow we will begin our 1400 kilometer ride back to the Bay.  We are going to make it a three day trek.  We want to spend much of Monday visiting the Alamo and the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

And the Rally.....................I suppose I am not really excited by black leather and tattoos.