Yes, we are in Ruidosa, New Mexico, to partake in the Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally.  Today’s ride was only 362 kilometers but it was a painful ride, nonetheless.  My good friend BARRY Hall recently paid me a great compliment by saying Paul Simon described me best:  “Still crazy after all these years”.  However, I really did not agree with the description until the last 150 miles of today’s ride.

Leaving Tucumcari this morning at 8:30 AM, we fought gusty forty to 50 MPH winds for the first 75 miles.  Then as soon as we turned onto a twisty but narrow state road, the wind died down, the temperatures began to drop and the rains began.  For the next 150 miles the rain was steady, often fierce and the temperatures dropped to the mid fifties.  Was I miserable?  You bet I was and I know that Patricia was equally uncomfortable.  Within minutes our boots were filled with rainwater, our gloves were soaked, and we were cold.

Twice we stopped for hot coffee and more importantly, I just had to get off the bike and walk.  Finally arriving in Ruidosa about 3:30, we immediately spotted a large herd of elk grazing alongside the road.

When we finally got to our hotel, Ricardo came to my room to help me get out of my rain suit and to pull off my soaked boots.  Ricardo, my friend, my Tico brother.  I simply would not have completed today’s ride without him.

For the next two days we will be attending this Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally.  A rally for bike riders of all faiths, it is heavily Harley oriented.  In the past years attendance has been around 35,000.  The weather  may impact this years attendance.

And BARRY, only this afternoon did I really agree with your description.