And which bike developed overheating problems?  Of course it was the newest one, the 2017 BMW F700GS that I have only owned for a couple of months.  The bike began slightly overheating the second day of this trip, but we have been a long distance from a BMW shop.

Yesterday afternoon while returning from Pagosa Springs, and while traversing a 9800 ft. Mountain pass, the problem worsened.  Temperature rose to 230 degrees f.  And steam began escaping from the cooling system.  We slowed down and limped our way into Taos where I immediately called  Moto Hank, my BMW mechanic of 12 years.  Shoot, Hank was preparing to leave for a ride in South Africa so......, Ricardo then called Arturo, his brother in Costa Rica and we then reached Christian, a BMW specialist in San Jose.  Christian quickly transmitted detailed instructions and over the next two hours, and many texts, Christian guided Ricardo in making “on the road repairs”.  By morning Ricardo had the radiator fan running properly.  Then Christian told us to not run the bike until we bled the cooling system.  And to my amazement, with Christians text guidance, Ricardo was able to bleed the system and also bleed the water pump.  

By 10:00 AM we were on the road but Christian cautioned me to visit the first BMW shop I can find and buy a new radiator cap.  Christian has many customers who ride the F700 GS and faulty radiator cap is the norm.

In any event we are back on the road headed to Tucumcari, on old Route 66.  My next posting will tell you more.