By 10:00AM this morning, Patricia, Ricardo and I were back in the Santa Fe Plaza.  Of course we strolled the block in front of the Palace of Governors.  It is this one block, under the veranda of the Palace that many Native Americans display their magnificent silver crafts, mostly jewelry,  all for sale at a significant but fair price.   My morning was spent sitting in the Plaza with a book.  However, I did visit the fantastic La Fonda Hotel for an hour sitting in the bar...No, It Was Coffee in my cup!

Patricia and Ricardo covered the entire  area.  Certainly they visited The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi and also the Chapel at Loretto.  This Chapel is known for its magnificant spiral staircase, making two full circles, rising to the loft, this staircase is supported by neither beams or any type of support beams.  Built entirely of wood, it has no nails, only wooden pegs.

As I write this, Ricardo and Patricia have yet to return to the hotel.  They were going to attend Mass at 5:00PM in memory of Patricia’s father.  

Tomorrow we will visit Chimayó, NM, and spend time at the Santuario of Chimayó, a church known for it’s miraculous healings.  Then we will be on the High Road To Taos.  This is a small mountain and desert road running through nine small villages,   Picturesque  and historical, my riding partners will love it.  I promise to take and post many photographs.