Las Vegas, home of New Mexico Highlands University, is often an overlooked gem.  Located 80 miles south of Taos, this is a city of great antique shops, numerous art galleries, fantastic architecture and  numerous fine restaurants and saloons.  This was our destination for the day.

Prior to leaving Roswell we stopped by Allied Locksmith to get a spare key made (just in case).  Once on the road we discovered that the next gas, store or......was 93 miles across the desert.  After about an hour traffic was stopped for about 30 minutes due to a terrible automobile accident.  Finally allowed to proceed we got back up to speed when suddenly I ran out of fuel.  Luckily a local man came to my rescue with a gallon of gas which got me to the next service station.  (Art, I ran out of gas near where you ran out in 2010)

Finally arriving in Las Vegas we took a tour of the elegant Plaza Hotel and finding it to be so nice, we have checked in for the night.  This afternoon Ricardo and I rode out to the small town of Montezuma to visit the United World College.  It is lovely, but we were only able to take photos from the outside.  Tonight Ricardo, Patricia and I were walking thru the hotel when Jose Pablo Rojas stopped us and asked if we were from Costa Rica.  Juan Jose is from San Jose, Costa Rica and he was very happy to talk with Ricardo and Patricia.

And guess what!  Jose Pablo works in Director of Alumni Engagement and Giving at the United World College and tomorrow he is going to give us a tour of places seldom seen by visitors.  And Ricardo wii take many photos which I will soon post.