Five hundred kilometers, that seems to be the length of our ride each day.  This morning it was clear and cool as we left San Angelo.  As we entered New Mexico, The Land Of Enchantment, Patricia spotted a herd of antelope. And to her delight several more herds were sighted.  Our destination?  Roswell, NM, a city allegedly inhabited by numerous aliens stranded here when their UFO crashed in 1947.  Fact or Fiction?  Ricardo knows it is fact so he took Patricia to meet his many alien friends.  

While Patricia and Ricardo were visiting the aliens I took a ride out to the deactivated Walker AFB.  This base, which was closed in1967 was once, for a brief time, the largest Stratrgic Air Command Base in the USA.  Now it is used as an aircraft junkyard.  Two private contractors are dismantling what were once proud aircraft.  I wonder how many people remember the important role that SAC played in our defense during the “Cold War”.  And General Curtis LeMay, the cigar chomping General who founded the Strategic Air Command, what a warrior!

Tomorrow is a bit uncertain.  I suspect Ricardo will want to spend more time among the aliens and I need to visit  a motorcycle shop.  By mid morning we will be off to Las Vegas, NM, a quaint mountain college town.  And then..........some adventures are not fully  planned.