The twisted, hilly treacherous backroads of the Texas Hill country beckoned early this morning and we were off to enjoy the visual feast that only Real and Edwards counties can offer.  Rocky, heavily forested and very remote,  this is the home of the small towns of Rock Springs, Vance and Camp Wood.  Sparsely inhabited by mankind, it is home to many species of wild animals.  Soon a herd of antelope were sighted in the meadow next to us,  then suddenly Ten to fifteen young axis deer were running back and forth across the road right in front of us.  I saw the first porcupine I have ever seen in Texas and Ricardo saw an Emu someplace along the ride.

We road a back road from Brackettville to Rocksprings and it was on this road that we saw many Amina’s “in the wild”.  We  stopped in Rocksprings for fuel.  From there we were off to the Three Twisted Sisters (Highways 335, 336 and 337).  These three roads, about 30 miles each, are well known among motorcycle rider. A short stop at the Frio Canyon Stop and we were off to San Angelo, where we are spending the night.

Once again we rode about 500 kilometers, but in much better weather.  Tomorrow we are off to Roswell where Ricardo and Patricia will visit the museums and shops featuring the crashed “flying saucer”.