Early morning was relatively clear so Vivian, Roberto and I were on the bikes headed toward the mountains.  The roads were busy but at least it wasn't raining (yet).  I am not sure of the mountain we first rode but I could look to my left and see much of San Jose (check the photos).

Leading the way was Vivian on a 300cc Vespa, Chuck on a BMW F650GS, and bringing up the rear was Ricardo on his Yamaha Silverado 1100.  Rain threatened but seemed to be holding off.  Soon Vivian took a turn and headed up Cerro De La Muerte (the Mountain of Death).  This is the highest peak in Costa Rica and recently has sustained several massive mud slides.  Crews and machinery were at work trying to make the road safe.  

Half way up the mountain it began to get colder, so we stopped at a restaurant for a snack and then headed back down the mountain.  Suddenly light rain hit us and we hightailed it back to San Jose.  Luckily we made it home before the rains hit but it has now been raining steadily for six hours.

Tomorrow we will head out early for the farm of Luis Diego.  The ride will be about four hours with a stop for breakfast.  Saturday Luis Diego is hosting a party for M-14.  This will be the third one that I have attended.  The festivities will actually go on for a couple of days.  Then Ricardo, Patricia and I are going to explore much of northern Costa Rica.