On the bikes by 8:30 AM, Ricardo and i had a nice (dry) ride up to Lake Martin where we joined six other travelers who were eager to "get out in the swamp".  The skys were cloudy, rain was forecast but our guide, Mason, assured us that rain would not begin until after our Swamp Tour.  Departing about 9:45 AM, we were on the water over two hours and Mason was right about the rain.

The aluminum boat was long and wide, capable of seating twenty passengers in comfort.  Mason was an informed and witty guide.  It was the best $40 that Ricardo ever spent.  Alligators were around every turn, some small, many four to six feet in length and a few were about ten feet.  Other animals were spotted, turtles of all sizes, many exotic birds, some as large as we see on Baffin Bay.  But no!  We never spotted a bear.

This swamp is amazing.  The Cypress trees are huge, draped with Spanish Moss.  It is a protected area so nature was seen at it's best.

By 1:00 PM, Ricardo and I were back in Breaux Bridge having a quick lunch.  Ricardo is always game to try the most exotic of food, so this time he had a Gator Burger.  Back in New Iberia, we hit rain and I am soaked as I type this.  Later tonight we will find another Cajun restaurant so Ricardo can try another Cajun dish

Tomorrow we will ride south to Houma.  Ricardo wants to go exploring on an airboat.  why not?  It will be a great day for a motorcycle ride.  The weather forecast just says "90% chance of rain all day".