A great breakfast in a restaurant in Eureka, MT started us off on another beautiful visit to a national Park.   Leaving Eureka, the motorcycles quickly wound their way up the mountains to Glacier National Park.  A chilling ride through massive ice and snow covered peaks.  Once again, granite peaks chisled by the Gods. 

Beautiful large glacier fed lakes, looking all too peaceful.  Raging white water rivers that once provided fish and travelways to the noble and fierce Blackfeet tribes that originally, and even today, inhabit this land of grandeur.

And traffic!  After all it is a Sunday in July.  Guess where the tourists are visiting this year.  After some five hiurs in the park, we made our way to the friendly town of Choteau where we have now feasted on a great dinner and will spend the night st the Stage Stop Inn, a luxurious hotel here at the Gateway to the Glaciers.

And tomorrow we will ride to the southeast, past Great Falls and Billings, Mt making our way to South Dakota and Mount Rushmore.  Not working does have it's advantages!