Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico were fujn, as always.  Cool mountain weather, winding and beautiful mountain roads and several friends along the way.  In Durango, I stopped to attend a meeting with a small group of BMW riders.  All interested in traveling to South America and Ushuaia. Alaska was not on their agenda, perhaps because they already ride every day in the mountains.

Finally I arrived in one of my favorite destinations, Taos.  I cannot remember why I do not live in Taos, perhaps  because of the winter.  Snow is not  conducive to motorcycle riding.  One night in Taos and I was on my way south.  Camping over the night at Concho Lake, just outside of Tucumcari.  A gentle rain in the night but a nice and cool morning!  And then off to Texas!

Texas!  Dry, hot!  Hot, yes, over 100 degrees in midafternoon and constant dry dusty wind.  I love it!  But today my helmet totally disintegrated.   And I really must ride in a helmet, if only to keep my head from toasting.  In a quandry, I pointed the Goose toward the one city where I thought I could find a good motorcycle shop.  Late afternoon and I was in San Angelo at Family Power Sports, a really nice motorcycle dealer. One hour later and I was the proud owner of a new helmet and a pair of lightweight summer riding gloves.

Leaving the cycle shop at 600 P.M., it was still blistering hot.  No camping tonight.  I quickly checked into a nice LaQuinta!  Clean, internet, air condiitioning and only $54 after some serious negotiatiions.  

Tomorrow I am headed further south into the really hot country for a couple of days riding with new friends.  And then on Sunday I hope to make it to San Antonio and visit with Jacob Peek to see if he can  post my photographs on this blog.  Several of you have written me asking why I have not taken photographs during this portion of my adventure.  I have taken many, but I do not have a means of posting them.  Maybe Jacob can help me find a way to share the scenes with you.

And then on to the coast of South Texas where the drought continues and the temperatures are above 100 degrees every day.   If it seems to you that I am stalling, I am!  I can't bear the thought that this, my dream for the past twenty years, is almost complete!  I will do one last update on this adventure after I reach San Antonio Sunday.