Friday and Saturday passed quickly in the company of my friends, Karen and Tom Johns.  Great company, mountain and lake scenery and great meals.  What else can a wandering motorcyclist ask for.  A classic car show on Saturday capped off by dinner (on Tom) at a fabulous Mexican restaurant! 

Sunday morning Karen was up early, at the grocery, picking up fresh fruits and pastries for breakfast.  Exactly like the breakfasts that I was served in Argentina and Brazil.  But by 8:30 A.M. The Goose and I were off, headed east out over Highway 50, The Lonliest Road in America.  Thru Nevada and much of Utah and then south to Moab.  Sunday was a spectacular ride.  Riding briskly over the most beautiful mountain roads, the Goose took the lead, running a full 593 miles until finally reaching Cortez, CO, just on the border of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. 

Why Cortez?   Because I had a great desire to visit Kelly and Karl, two amazing people that I first met at the Costa Rican border, back on November 3, 2008.  Two smart and adventurous souls riding two up on their own adventure.  Their destination?  Ushuaia, where else?  Kelly, a emergency room nurse and Karl, a physcians assistant.  Both with a real zest for life and no fear of what lay ahead.  Riding on a 2007 KLR650.  Several hours spent together at the border of Costa Rica and then again in early January, 2009, at Ushuaia where we met at Rio Pico Campground,  the home of all adventure riders in Ushuaia.

Upon their return to the States, Karl and Kelly relocated to the Four Corners Area, where Karl and Kelly are both providing much needed medical services to the local people, most of whom are the proud and delightful Native Americans who settled in and tamed this region hundreds, if not thousands,  of years ago.  Sunday night we had dinner together and relived our adventurs of the past many months.

Monday morning?  I am not sure but it will be more of this great adventure!