It has been a fabulous 4th of July!  Yesterday, I arrived in Milwaukie, OR, a suburb of Portland.   I am visiting with my friends and fellow BMW enthusiasts, Bruce and Erma Hoffman.  Bruce rides a 1975 R90/6 and a 1973 R75/5, both classic "Airheads" cherished by those of us that who like classic standard motorcycles.  Bruce is also a member of Oregon Airheads, a club of similar minded owners and enthusiasts.

Today, the "technical group" of this fine organization showed up at Bruce and Erma's to welcome me to Oregon and to work on my motorcycle.  It was an amazing sight!.  Led by Oregon Air Marshall, Garry Newby and Bruce Hoffman,  this group of twelve or so people completely revitalized the Goose.  Changed the oil and oil filter, mounted new Michelin Anakee tires, adjusted the valves, washed the bike, serviced the throttle, adjusted the carbs and who knows what else.  The Goose has never run better.

On top of this Erma and her son Davis, prepared a barbeque for the whole group.  A sumptious feast which I am still enjoying.  What a 4th of July!

Tomorrow, I am heading over to my friends, Teri and Dave Blauer to join in a family party.  Teri is a graduate of the Western Culinary Institue and is well known for her fabulous culinary skills.  I am sure I will find something to enjoy.  Monday morning, I am going through all of my gear and shipping all of my cold weather gear back to Texas!   It is 90 degrees here so I have a lot of gear which I may never need again. 

And by Monday afternoon, I will be off to Eureka, CA and then on south to see my friends in Northern CA.