A man on a mission!  539 miles today in the beautiful moujntans and valleys of British Columbia.  The Goose needs tires and I have decided to head to Portland, Oregon to reshoe my mount.  A friend a and fellow BMW rider, Bruce Hoffman, lives in Portland  and he has committed to having two Michelin Anakees waiting on me, plus he is going to take some time on the 4th of July to mount them.  We all know what a mess I would make if I tried to mount them.

I should cross the border tomorrow by 10:00 A.M. and hope to be in Portland by 5:00 P.M.  While in Portland, in addition to visiting with the Hoffmans,  I am also going to visit two other friends, Dave and Teri Blauer, who I have not seen for some time.  Actually, over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be seeing several other friends in Oregon and Northern California.  Then I will be off to Colorado to meet up with fellow adventure riders with whom I spent time in South America.  Exactly whom and where is yet to be decided.

This adventure is nearing completion.  From the southern most point in the southern hemisphere  to the northern most point in the northern hemisphere.  Texas to Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego and then from Texas to Prudhoe Bay!  It seems unreal that I dreamed of this adventure for many years and now it is almost at it's end.  But I am sure I can drag it out for a few more weeks.  After all, there is no direct trail back to Texas and I have no GPS so maybe some wandering is in order.