Yes, I like Canada, a beautiful country with great people.  But I really like British Columbia.  Great snow capped mountains, delightful and friendly people and the greatest motorcycle roads that I have experienced.  And to top it all, today is Canada Day, the 142nd anniversary of the founding of Canada.

To celebrate Canada Day, the skies were clear today.  No rain! and it was much warmer.  My day was perfect, made so by the help of several Canadians.  After getting mechanical advice from two trusted mechanical advisors, Lester Foreman and Gary Newton,  I decided to backtrack to the small village of Kitwanga, where there was a mechanic willing to tackle my leak.  Upon arriving, I met Eric Dollop, the owner of Dollops Gas and Service.  Eric immediately tackled the problem and within ninety minutes he had installed a new gasket and cured my problem.  This is the spirit of all the Canadians I have met here in B.C.

While waiting for the bike to be repaired, a BMW R1200GS pulled in and there was Alvin Gerstner, an Iron Butt Rider from Topeka, KS, that I had seen in at least three other locations over 1200 miles.  Alvin had spent the night in Hyder and was now on his way to Prince George.  I am sure out paths will cross again before we turn in different directions.

Arriving back in New Hazelton, I discovered that there was a celebration taking place in the park, and I was invited.  Great food and drink, children having a ball, derby kart races and all the chocolate  cake I could eat.  I even got to meet a RCMP Sergent in full ceremonial uniform.  And no rain.

Forty miles down the highway and I arrived at Smithers.  What a shock, some semblence of the civilization that I had left behind.  A Dairy Queen, McDonalds and KFC!  And a golf course but guess what I saw on the fairway.  Two black bears--at first I thought it was Eric and Frank but no--it was actually two black bears.

At 8:30 P.M. i arrived here in Prince George.  What a great day this turned out to be.  I got the bike fixed, met a number of nice people, attended my first Canada celebration and managed to even ride 379 miles. 

Tomorrow, I plan to ride south, maybe to the outskirts of Vancouver.  Today was great, on this 142nd anniversary of Canada, The adventure continues!!