Monday night and I am back in Watson Lake, the home of the "world famous signpost park".  As you know, I visited this great town on my way north and stayed in the Air Force Lodge, First built in 1942 to  house U.S. Army Air Corps Pilots stationed in Watson Lake, under the Lend Lease Program, The lodge has been totally restored.  Tonight I am once again in an immaculate, if small, room exactly like an Air Corps Officer would have inhabited in 1942.  A great, if small bed, a small desk, and a shared latrine down the hall but this time I do have a television.  I must have been promoted since my last visit.

Today's ride started cold, with steady rain,  but after 75 miles, I rode out of the rain only to once again ride into the rain about ten miles north of Watson Lake.  Tuesday I plan to ride south down the Cassiar Highway, a rather primitive ride, partially "chip seal" roads, some gravel and some pavement.  Approximately 750 miles to Prince George and then another five hundred miles to Vancouver.  Reputedly one of the most beautiful rides, through much of British Columbia and Vancouver.  An area known for much rain!  So what else is new?

Upon my arrival in Watson Lake, I visited Campground Services. Ltd. where the young owner spent about an hour changing the oil on the Goose and doing some other maintenance items.  I am still 1500 miles or so from a BMW dealer and I do like to keep fresh oil in the bike.  I just hope that the service man knew what he was doing when he changed the  oil filter.  It is a complicated process..

A challenging road tomorrow, beautiful scenery and many wild animals along the way and another day of adventure!