Rain, cold continuous rain.  The only day that I have not had substantial rain was Wednesday whiile I was visiting friends in Cooper Landing on the Kenai Peninsula.  And that was the only day that I did not ride the Goose at all.  My friend, George Anderson, took me and Sam Fasson, a new friend, to Seward for a great meal of Halibut and some great sightseeing.   Later that evening we were treated to one of my favorite meals, spaghetti and meat sauce.topped off with German chocolate cake.  All prepared and served by Amanda and Katlyn.  See, I really am being treated like royalty.

Thursday morning I departed The Hutch headed for Tok.  What a beautiful ride.  Majestic snow capped mountains for most of the 390 mile ride.  And rain, cold rain, for about 150 miles.  Arriving  in Tok, I immediately booked a rustic cabin at Thompson's Eagle's Claw Motorcycle Park, a great motorcycle campground.  Tent sites for $10, cabins for $20 and a bunkhouse for $10 per person.  I stayed in the bunkhouse although no one else was there.  My own cabin for $10.  No electricity, water or heat and it was cold.  During the night it began to rain and it rained steadily for the next two days.  Yes, I stayed two nights, in the cold rain in a cabin in the woods of Alaska.  I really had meant to go to Whitehorse Friday morning and I did start out in the rain but I had bike problems about thirty miles after departing.  Hard rain and one cylinder cut out.  I finally stopped and put in a new spark plug but the bike was still  running terribly.  I once again stopped to examine the plug and discovered that the plug gap was incorrect.  And I had no feeler gauge.

Nothing to do but to return to my cold cabin in Tok and try to find a motorcycle mechanic.  Arriving in Tok I found the Stihl Chainsaw shop and met the owner, Bryce.  Bryce has some motorcycle mechanical knowledge and took a look at the bike.   As I knew the plug was severely out of  proper gap.  But Bryce also felt that bike needed a valve adjustment.  I also wanted him to check and lubricate my throttle cable.  Three hours later, Bryce told me he believed he had fixed my problems.  His bill--$234.  That hurt, but what else can you do when you are broke down in rainy Tok, AK?

It rained all night Thursday night.  At least that kept the bears and mosquitoe away from the cabin.  Friday morning it was raining even harder but I packed up the bike and headed out for the Canadian border and on to the Yukon.  The road in the Yukon is replete with frost heaves and is under maintenance much of the way.  Gravel surfaces in six different areas for a total of 43 miles of loose gravel, in the cold rain.  A beautiful ride, particularly around Destruction Bay!  but at one construction site, I came upon a serious motorcycle accident, a Goldwing down after the rider lost it in the gravel..  A sad ending to one rider's advenutre.  Probably an adventure he had planned for years.

Pushing on I finally reached Whitehorse, the capitol of the Yukon and checked in at the River View Hotel, ;the same hotel in which I rested some ten days ago.  A challenging and cold ride today over 397 miles.  After so much rain, I have to dry my gear out and also I need rest.  I have decided to stay here in the River View hotel for two nights.  Whitehorse is the most delightful town I have visited during this adventure.  Both a modern and a frontier town, it is a great l stop.  The Yukon has a total population of slightly over 32,000 and 27,000 of those live in Whitehorse.  But Monday I will  press to Watson Lake and the Air Force Lodge.  What an adventure, even in the rain and cold!