Yesterday, I rode most of the day in cold, continuous rain.  In fact, it has rained everyday since I left the United States almost two weeks ago.  The rain intensified as I arrived at Denali National Park and the temperature seemed to drop.  Fighting the cold and rain, I arrived in Anchorage about 6:00 P.M. just as the traffic was at it's worst.

The 100 miles ride from Cooper Landing was the most beautiful since I began this trip. Majestic  snow covered mountains surrounding the Turnagain Arm, the beautiful body of water south of Anchorage.   By 8:00 P.M., I arrived at Cooper Landing and soon was at the Hutch B&B, a lodge owned by my friends  Shirley Wilmoth and George Anderson.  And what a beautiful lodge it is.  High on a hill, with mountains to the rear and the Kenai River to the front.  And to make my stay even more enjoyable, Shirley's grandaughter, Amanda Sipola and her friend, Kaylyn Nelson are here for the summer.  Two delightful young ladies, both sixteen years of age.  I was born fifty years too soon!

I have not decided to where I may go when I depart.  I know I will be riding south, probably towards British Columbia and then on down the western coast, maybe into Washington and Oregon.  Maybe, if the Goose continues to run good, on down into California.  And then back across Highway 50, The Lonliest Road in America.  This adventure has many possibilities.