At 8:15 A.M.on Sunday, June 21, the temperature in Prudhoe Bay was 31 degrees F. with a wind chill factor of 17 degrees and a strong cross wind.  So what did Ron Clark and I do?  We got on our bikes and headed south towards Fairbanks.  Four hundred ninety nine miles and 13 hours later and we were in Fairbanks.  The ride was easier than  the prior day's ride........except there was intermittent rain both days.

Thirty miles out of Prudhoe Bay, we passed several herds of caribou grazing along side the gravel highway.  The ride was beautiful, especially the climb up the Antigun Pass, surrounded by snow covered peaks.  When we departed we had not decided whether to stop at Coldfoot for the night or whether to continue to ride on to Prudhoe Bay (260 miles from Coldfoot).  However after an early dinner of a chef;s salad, we decided to press on.

Arriving in Fairbanks,, it was obvious to every one that we had been to Prudhoe Bay.  We were covered in calcium chloride and mud.  Both our boots, riding  suits and our bikes.  Before even walking into the motel door, we went to a car wash and sprayed each other with the car wash to try to get some mud off of our boots and suits.  This morning we were back at the car wash spraying and scrubbing on our bikes trying to salvage something of the paint.  Mud will be dropping off the Goose for the next month.

Today was a down day, scrubbing bikes, organizing our gear and washing clothes and everything we have.  In addition, I discovered that my spare glasses had fallen apart due to the rough ride over the Haul Road.  Looking in the phone book, I found Image Optical and what a great discovery that turned out to be.  The two technicians, Tammy and Maria immediately welcomed me and skillfully reassembled my spare eye glasses.  Plus, Tammy took one look at my main glasses, which I was wearing, and said they were sorely in need of adjustment which she immediately performed.  Twenty minutes later, they had be back in great shape and wished me safe voyage.  I have never been treated as nicely and professionally as these two beautiful and gracious ladies treated me.

The Goose is running great, no oil leaks, thank to two outstanding men, Ken Duval and Gary Newton.  Tomorrow morning will find Ron and me leaving Fairbanks, Ron headed out over the Top Of The World Highway to Dawson City.  And the Goose and me?  We are headed down the Kenai Peninsula to Cooper Landing, where an old buddy of mine,George Anderson lives.  George and I have been friends for 25 years, going back to when we both lived in Grapevine, Texas.  Now George a runs a fishing lodge in Coopers Landing and I seek out adventures in beautiful parts of the Americas.

Alaska is great, beautiful, with the most friendly and hearty people.  I think I will explore more of this state before I depart for Canada.  After all, I am on an adventure and what better place to pursue my dreams.