Yesterday's ride was beautiful, weather warm and I covered over 500 miles.  At 2:00 P.M. I reached Dawson Creek, British Columbia.  This city is the gateway to the Alaska Highway, which runs from Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Delta Junction, Alaska, A distance of some 1500 miles.  Dawson Creek a city of 12,000 hearty souls, is the celebrated "Mile 0" of this exciting highway. The Alaska Highway crosses the entirety of both British Columbia and the Yukon.  Major towns in addition to Dawson Creek include Fort St. John, Fort Nelson,  and Whitehorse (the largest city in the Yukon).

Last night, I finally stopped at a small Provincial Campground in the mountains north of Fort Nelson and pitched my tent amongst the bears and mosquitoes.  Yes, there were bears all along the way.  Small cuddly looking black bears.  The night was cool, maybe brisk, but pleasant.  The mosquitoes were voracious, deadly and fearless.  The bears seemed to disappear by the time I retired for the night.

This morning I headed out early for Watson Lake, only about 300 miles up the mountains.  Along the way I teamed up with two riders from Sacramento, Mike and Terry and we are now riding together.  Mike and Terry are making their way to a HOG Rally in Fairbanks and we plan to ride together for the next couple of days.

Tonight we stopped in Watson Lake, the home of the World Famous Sign Post Forest.  The Sign Post Forest was started in 1942 by a homesick G.I. who tacked a sign on a post with the name of his home town, pointing the direction and listing the distance.  Today there are  over 40,000 signs in this phenomenal sign post forest, from all countries, but most being from cities in Canada and the U.S.

And my lodging for tonight is the Air Force Lodge,  First built in 1942 to  house U.S. Army Air Corps Pilots stationed in Watson Lake, under the Lend Lease Program, The lodge has been totally restored.  Tonight I am in an immaculate, if small, room exactly like an Air Corps Officer would have inhabited in 1942.  A great, if small bed, a small desk, no television ( there was no television in 1942) and a shared latrine down the hall.

Today's ride was the most exciting since I left South America.  Beautiful mountains, alpine lakes, fast running white water rivers and animals all along the way.  Buffaloes, bear, caribou, elk, mountain sheep and the occasional moose, all visible as we passed by on our iron horses

And tomorrow?  Another day of adventure on the way to Whitehorse..