Ron and Ricardo Ride West Texas
Friday morning Frank Navarro, a Tico friend, arrived in Ft. Stockton to have breakfast with us.  While he and Ricardo are old friends, it was my first time to actually meet him.  I have talked with him many times by phone, but at 7:30AM there he was at our motel door in Ft. Stockton.

My BMW F700GS was on the trailer ready to be pulled back to the Bay.  By 6:00 PM Larry and I were home.  And Ron and Ricardo rode off down TX Hwy 385, about a hundred miles south, past rolling hills, beautiful desert and finally into the mountains of Big Bend.  A ride up the mountains to the Basin and they were in the midst of  the wild beauty that I love.  And Chuck?  I was sitting with a “clipped left wing” wishing I was with them.

Friday afternoon they checked into the rustic Chisos Mining Company motel and were off to the ghost town of Terlingua.  Saturday morning, ready to ride the park, Ron stepped out of his room into the mid forties degree mountain air.  So on the bikes, and they headed off down TX Hwy 170 past that abomination called Lajitas.

A short stop and they were off down River Road, the most beautiful mountain ride in Texas.  A day of cool, and occasionally rainy  weather stayed with them.  Presidio, Shaftner, Marfa and Alpine was their playpen for the day.  Back in Terlingua for the night, they decided it was a bit too chilly for them, so Sunday they will begin their ride to the Bay.

And Chuck?  I am sitting here trying to decide if I can be back on my bike by the end of May.  The road is calling, and at my age I can’t waste time sitting here.
Visiting Marathon
Larry left the Bay about 5:00 AM this morning to travel to Ft Stockton.  Why?  Simply because my clumsy butt fell yesterday and I ended up with a broken collarbone.  I cannot ride so Larry brought my motorcycle trailer up to haul me and my BMW back to the Bay.

This afternoon we all took a 65 mile pickup ride to visit the rustic and historical town of Marathon.  We have posted a number of photographs, most taken on the grounds of the grand Gage Hotel.  You should take a look.  A walk around town included a stop in the interesting French Market.

Later it was a dinner of Tacos, rice and frijoles back in Marathon.  Tomorrow Larry and I are off back to the Bay.  We should be back on the Bay before dark.

And Ricardo and Ron?  They will be on their bikes headed through Big Bend Park and then on to Terlingua, Lajitas the beautiful River Road and on to Presido.  And i really hope they visit Cibolo Creek Resort and the grand town of Marfa.  It may not be Baja but they will have a great ride.

Riding The Beautiful Hwy 90
up early to beat the heat, we were on our bikes riding west by 7:00 AM.  Past the beautiful International, Presa Amistad on into Comstock.  Soon we were at the Border Patrol Inspection Station, where they were going to make Ricardo show his passport.  When he told him he was from Costa Rica, all they wanted to was shake his Hand.  By 900 AM, we were at at the Pecos River Gorge Bridge.  

Over 1350 feet long, and resting 300 feet above the water, this is the highest highway bridge in Texas. Majestic, over a beautiful canyon, this always is a photo opportunity.  Please chec “Pictures” on this blog to see Ron and Ricardo enjoying the views.

Finally departing, we were in Sanderson by 10:00 AM, stopping at the main restaurant and department store in Sanderson, Stripes.  We then decided to make a run north up Hwy 285 to Ft.  Stockton Why?  Simple.  Someway I managed to fall and Ron insisted I see a doctor.  And I am glad he insisted.  After a 165 mile motorcycle ride my shoulder was hurting.  And why not.  Ten x rays confirmed I have a broken collarbone.  The doctor strongly urged me to ride no further so the fracture can properly heal.   Being a weakling for pain, I am taking his advice.

Ron and Ricardo are continuing their adventure, but they have decided to ride Big Bend,  The River Road To Presidio and probably Marfa.  Larry Farrah my friend, and neighbor, is bringing a trailer out tomorrow to haul me and the bike back to the Bay.xrays 

We are now in a LaQuinta in Ft Stockton and Ron and Ricardo are off to Domino’s for a Pizza.
Tomorrow they will ride off on their replanned adventure.

Riding West
Ron, Ricardo and I saddled up and departed the Bay this morning at 9:00 AM.  Seventy degrees Fahrenheit, it was cool but clear and perfect for riding.  Our ride took us thru Benavides, Freer, Encinal, Carrizo Springs.....all south Texas oil field towns.  By lunch the temperature was in the low nineties,  gettin a bit hot.  2:00 PM, and we were in the great border town of Eagle Pass.   Hot?  Only 97 degrees!I. And an hour later, 99.6 degrees F.

Then we were off to Del Rio, the unique border town that is home to Presa Amistad.  A city I love and visit several times a year.  Arriving at 4:00 PM, We are checked into the LaQuinta and Ricardo is out in the pool enjoying a refreshing dip.  And Ron is taking a short nap, building up his energy for dinner.  Barbecued ribs, of course.  This is a dinner Ricardo and I have enjoyed at least once or twice a year for the last nine years.

The bikes ran great, Ron was in fine form, never missing a beat.  Ricardo led and I struggled to bring up the rear.  Tomorrow we are off to El Paso, about 760 kilometer ride.  And will it be hot?  Well, we are in West Texas.
The Best Laid Plans of Men And Mice
An old saying that I have often heard.  Of course it implies that no matter how well you plan something probably will go wrong.  And it did.  The ferry from Guaymas across the Sea of Cortez is down “for maintenance”.  And of course no notice to anyone.  . Thankfully we called today simply because I had a doubtful feeling.  

So what now?  Cancel the adventure?  Not a chance!  We just change our plans.  We are going to Calexico and cross into Mexico there.  The first night will probably be on the Pacific, in Ensenado.  Ricardo and I have told Ron about the beauty of Baja Norte.  Now we will show him.